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Arnold B. Weiner  RFC
Arnold Weiner has been active in insurance and financial planning since graduating from the University of Arizona.  He began his career with Hartford Life in their career development program, and became the youngest manager for the Hartford when coming to Phoenix in 1976.

In 1983, he became an independent advisor, as it became difficult to properly serve his clients with only one company product line available.  Since that time, he has worked with many clients on their financial goals and objectives.
In 1995, he earned the designation of Registered Financial Consultant, and maintains that designation with continuing education to keep up with all the latest developments in his field.

Arnie specializes in senior financial planning and represents many different companies, which allows him to represent his clients to the industry, not a single company to the client.  This allows him to be an independent multi-dimensional financial advisor.

He is married and has one daughter also living in the Phoenix area.
Arnold B. Weiner, RFC
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